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The success of customer communication depends entirely on the efficient operation of your Contact Centres CRM and Telco provider. Our software allows us to integrate our call centre applications with both DATA and Voice Technology which allows us to manage all telemarketing activities during every stage of the business process, from lead nurture, to sales follow up and post-sales customer service. Telemarketers, sales reps and customer support agents can leverage Data or Voice from any of our CRM systems in all cold calling and outbound call scenarios and provide a more effective response to customers.

Your Benefits

  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Never miss out on the minute details of a call.
  • Faster and improved operations.
  • Personalized Customer Service

Key Features

  • Manage inbound and outbound calls.
  • Log calls details.
  • Single click dialling
  • Connect multiple call centres.
  • Associate existing CRM group users.
  • Set up PBX adapter easily
  • Manage call log reports.

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